【Vtuber】【(見えない)作業+雑談】ゲームアワード 聴きながら作業!【Vtuber】




🥒配信のお約束🥒 -Livestream Rules:-

あいさつ→「こんばふわ」    Greeting → “Konbafuwa”
おしまい→「ばふばふ」  Farewell Greeting → “BafuBafu”
ファンネーム→「ばっふぁー」  Fan name → “Buffers”



ーFor international viewersー

・Please refrain from mentioning other people’s names and talking with other viewers in the comments!
・No excessive language or spamming! (You may be banned)
・Don’t do anything that might make other viewers uncomfortable!

I can only speak Japanese! Although I want to respond to your comments, but I can’t understand them. So it will be great if you can translate your comments into English or Japanese.

Let’s follow the rules and enjoy!





💠スパチャについて💠 -About Superchats:-

Thank you for your superchats! The money will be used carefully to enhance the livestream setups and to support Bafuko’s life. Please discuss with your wallet before you send money!

* I may not be able to read your superchat instantly. I’ll read your name all together after the ending!

* I’ll organize into a picture in the ending of the next livestreams (will skip the working and chatting streams) if I receive your superchats during collaborative livestreams!