【Apex】Right Before ALGS Championship Apex Legends is REALLY Broken Currently | Apex Legends Replicator Bug


Apex Legends is about to host a $2 million dollar MASSIVE tournament, and the game is really fucking broken.

Apex has been in a bit of a rough patch for the past Season or so. This isn’t even taking into account the overall ranked changes that many players have said are a step in the right direction but still have massive issues baked into them. But the game itself right now is just in rough shape.

Since the past season’s introduction, there have been so many technical issues with the game that have limited the ability for people to play without raging a little inside. Console players are up in arms after a few recent patches demolished their ability to play due to overwhelming input lag, something Respawn has acknowledged but have yet to solve for. Loba’s bracelet is broken (AGAIN) for what seems like the third or fourth time. Wraith has a hitbox that just doesn’t allow people to shoot her it seems

And of course, the good old gold standard of Apex, connection issues are plaguing tons of players and not allowing them to even stay in games regularly without disconnecting multiple times in a single game. AND NOW, there is a bug to where if you use replicators, the things in game that allow players to craft specific items, you won’t be able to use your inventory or abilities for the rest of the game until you interact with a replicator again.

For being a AAA title, it’s really frustrating to see the current state of Apex, and even though bugs and issues are to be expected for titles of this size, to have players feel like the developers and team aren’t hearing the complaints demonstrates just how big of a problem the game finds itself in currently.